Welcome to Våge Media, this site is mainly focusing on the Norwegian market, but Våge Media is also offering services abroad and to

foreign companies working in Norway.

As of today Våge Media only uses other companies equipment, but can help finding good suppliers when this is needed.


At the moment Våge Media is working mostly with TV entertainment, but have experience from several other areas to. Sports, news, reality,

drama, comercials, shorts and documentary is all well known formats and with good knowledge to a lot of different equipment spreading

from good old Arri SR|| to Sonys PDW 700/800 series, RED and all the way over to Canon and Nikon DSLR's. With experience from lighting

and editing, Våge Media can offer a lot for a production.


With extencive experience and training from outdoor activities, very good knowledge of Norway and the Norwegian nature, several years of

ledership training Våge Media can offer a lot of know-how and support to any production working in Norway.

Communication with any forreign productions would normally happen in English, but Swedish and Danish is no problem, and very basic

German and Spanish could be used.


For any more information, please do contact Våge Media and your questions will be answered as soon as possible


For the spring of 2014, Våge Media will be working at the latest season of TVNorge's "Sinnasnekker'n" (The Angry Carpenter)


Våge Media is looking forward to work with you


Velkommen til Våge Media


Våge Media er et freelancerfirma som tilbyr tjenester som DoP, kameraoperatør og VJ innen blant annet TV, film, reklame og oppragsfilm

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